A Wonderland Adventure 💖 Part 5 ~ I wonder how we can create our own fairytale world

Welcome back to wonderland fellow wonder seekers 💞💕💗💖

Now, where were we? Ah, yes yes, of course….

The door to wonderland flies open as if a large gust of wind has blown it right off its hinges, with a great big WHOOOSH!!

A bright beam of pink sunshine illuminates the doorway, casting warmth around us, feeling safe, secure, even though we are unaware of what exactly is going on!

A whisper in a gale taps us on the shoulder to say, “Come with me, sweets!” The wind ushers us through the doorway, pulling us out of the dark room we’ve just been in, leading us to the only way out…

what is it that you see out this door?

Oh my, look to our feet! A sparkling pathway of rose gold unravels itself out of a great big spiral, to lay flat upon the ground, “There you are, dear! Now, the path has been set, you may enjoy Wonderland…” each sparkle upon the path shouts to us in a chipper voice, which calms us, and a voice almost familiar.. Have we been here before?

Look around you, look upon your wonderland!

The pink lights infuse our skin with a ever so pleasant tingling of sunshine, warming goodness. We can’t help but close our eyes and smile, feeling the fluttering happy sensation within… A wind blows gently in our hair, as the whispers inside each gust call to our hearts more and more.

Our eyes open wide as if we can’t believe the beauty they are taking it! Look at all the colors everywhere! Vivid pinks, neon blues, glowing yellows, verdant greens, and poppin’ purples! Wow! Look up to the sky!

Rainbows flow from the sky, where white fluffy marshmallow clouds, shaped in perfectly whispy hearts float right on by the everlasting great blue sky… A thick lush forest surrounds us, and flowers of every different kind are singing in harmony! There are roses, tulips, violets, hibiscuses, carnations, dandelions, petunias, and pansys, oh MY!

I wonder how we can create our own Wonderland and revel in the beauty which surrounds us everyday ….

I dream in magic and dream of magic, and I wonder in magic too! How can life be more magical?

So with that question in mind, our next stop in Wonderland, is none other than Wonderland itself! We’re here, we’re here! Feel your heartbeat begin to quicken and your body begin to relax. It’s an excitement of the now and eagerness for the future.. Wonder calls and magic whispers.. Everything is alive and colors are bursting brighter than ever before, it’s as if you never knew so many colors existed and your eyes are taking them in for the first time. Could they be new colors?! Why, yes of course, in Wonderland anything happy and magical is possible!

What do you see in your Wonderland? Is the sky blue? Maybe the sky is green and the grass is blue in your wonderland. Whatever it is, create poems of your land, and draw the flowers you see, or paint the animals who visit you there. Do you see different colors which have a different name? A purpink, a blurple, or maybe grellow!

Paint, draw, create, create, create! Let your imagination take you beyond your wildest dreams and imagine yourself dancing to life in the wonderland of your magical, mystical, majestic dreams.

Keep on dreaming, beautiful,

for one day your dreams will come true.

I believe in you.

As always, thank you for hopping down the rabbit hole with me! 💖💞💕💗

Sparkle Bright!

©️2021 Rosey’s Wonders.

Author: shannonrose

I’m a girly girl who loves to dance, paint, draw, get into crazy yoga poses, dance some more, bake all things vegan, discover MAGIC, and then write about alllll my wonders! An adventure to spread magic calls to me, so I created my blog, Rosey’s Wonders, to remind everyone around the world that magic exists! You are SO BEAUTIFUL and super magical!

3 thoughts on “A Wonderland Adventure 💖 Part 5 ~ I wonder how we can create our own fairytale world”

    1. Aweee, Kayla! Thank you so so so so much. Seriously my day just became so much brighter after reading your comment. You are amazing! I am currently writing a book, and I’m so excited about it!! Thank you again. Hugs to you lovely 💞

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