Yoga in Wonderland ~ Week ll 💞💖 Utkatasana: Chair Pose 💖💞

Hi there, yoga sweeties, and welcome back to Yoga in Wonderland!

This week we’ll be focusing on, Utkatasana aka Chair Pose!

(Although my nickname I’m giving this pose is the “Throne Pose” because why not be a princess whenever possible, ya know?!?)

Utka means intense, powerful, fierce, proud, courageous, and superiority…

Utkatasana brings an extremely powerful message to center ourselves upon our throne, to claim the life that’s ours and make it sparkle brighter than all the diamonds in the world. For we are powerful and any dreams we desire can be ours to claim upon our bedazzled throne of magnificence.

Simply writing this down is stirring excitement within me, and making me want to sit in my throne right this very second! We have an opportunity to simply be with our true selves (like Tadasana taught us last week) and as we sit within ourselves to be in the magic of the now, we can hear ourselves more clearly to speak of our passions! We can feel our passions move within us as we find ourselves, and this brings such a flow of abundance, it’s actually quite enchanting. This is our opportunity to embrace ourselves in this moment and give massive amounts of appreciation to ourselves, to our soul, to our heart, to the love which is us.

Utkatasana is said to attract positivity, gratitude, and self-worth! We can feel pride to be ourselves and claim what’s rightfully ours:

The magic of you.

Your inner sparkle

Your inner voice

Your inner beauty


Magical, beautiful, you.

Can you feel relief yet? A sense of the wind swirling by you and around you, as you breathe in the moment, and finally accept yourself… Love and pride and gratitude…

In what areas in your life are you proud of yourself? Write them down, say them in your head, yell it out loud (even if you’re in public! This is your prideful moment!!) Let yourself feel waves and waves of appreciation and gratitude for yourself splash through you in abundance, and savor every magical moment.

You are SO WORTHY!!

Claim your throne, you queen!

Your throne has been waiting for you!

Utkatasana Benefits:

  • Reduces flat feet
  • Stimulates the abs and diaphragm
  • Stimulates the circulatory and metabolic systems
  • Strengthens spine, thighs, calves, and ankles
  • Attracts positivity, gratitude, and pride within yourself
  • Stimulates creativity and determination
  • Helps focus and productivity

I’m extremely elated, excited, and full of passion to be aware of the magic Utkatasana brings me (and YOU too!!)

Thank you SO MUCH FOR READING! my gratitude overflows to you. What messages does Utkatasana bring you?

Namaste & Sparkles.

Author: shannonrose

I’m a girly girl who loves to dance, paint, draw, get into crazy yoga poses, dance some more, bake all things vegan, discover MAGIC, and then write about alllll my wonders! An adventure to spread magic calls to me, so I created my blog, Rosey’s Wonders, to remind everyone around the world that magic exists! You are SO BEAUTIFUL and super magical!

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