💖A Wonderland Adventure💞~ Part 4 ~ I wonder how we can fit into Wonderland…

Hi there, wonderland lovelies and welcome back to another week in our wonderland adventure! If you missed last week, you can hop down the rabbit hole right here to see what you missed 💗

After flying gracefully into wonderland avenue, the darkness has subsided and light is shining its way towards us; sparks of light warming us, and surrounding us with twinkles of opulence.

What is this that I see? Why, of course, it’s a door! Let’s reach for the knob and slowly open the door to the adventure we’ve been preparing for…

The door is rather small so we can’t quite fit in.. What in the world of world’s are we suppose to do then? What an odd predicament. To be all ready for an adventure yet we cannot fit through… However, if we can look for opportunities to make ourselves the perfect size, then we’re in!

I do wonder, what is our magic potion to fitting in?

Well, here are my curious answers of wonderings for the week… I believe our magic potion is not to “fit in” per say, but to “fit in” to ourselves. (As we’ve been doing all along on journey thus far.) but now as we dig deeper into wonderland, and do a little tango with our magical land, we can see that if we can be comfortable with being in our own skin, we can “fit” in everywhere else, because at that point, it doesn’t matter who likes us and who doesn’t. For you love yourself, and that my lovelies is the magic potion.

Now that we know the potion ingredients, how can we get this elixir to do the trick and work it’s magical essence, you ask? Yes, yes! What a magic trick, indeed!

We must be ok with where we are in our lives. I’m going to repeat myself because this can be difficult to understand: we must be GRATEFUL for where we are in our lives!

We are always, always, always (seriously ALWAYS) seeking improvement, are we not? When is it our time to celebrate our improvements, though? Do we journey farther and farther into wonderland — working harder and harder— without giving ourselves credit for the magic we’ve already evoked throughout the adventure? Hmm.. This doesn’t sound like a very rewarding quest to me, and it takes all the magic out of it!

The real wonderment is this, how can you appreciate yourself more? (P.S. I am so loving the word wonderment!! hehe)

Let us not go any farther into our Wonderland until we look around, look upon ourselves, breathe, and don’t ever forget to smile… please.

Kick your heels up and flow in yourself… Feel your heart beating, feel your lungs expand. FEEL. Feel your feet upon the earth, look at your fabulous outfit, look at that beautiful grin upon your face, and the twinkle in your eye. Feel the magic you’ve gained thus far — what are you proud of yourself for? big or small, it doesn’t matter how big nor how small, it only matters that you are proud. Have you learned something new today? Way to go, you! Have you been chipping away at your dream each day (sparkle reminder: small steps lead to big dreams), or maybe you’ve been feeling better about yourself lately, or going to sleep earlier each night. Whatever it is, do not discredit yourself for your steps! They are magical steps and I applaud you with sprinkles and streamers!

  • Write down everything you are proud of yourself for, or shout them from the rooftops (you are worth it!)
  • Be aware throughout your day for each “proud and magical” moments you step into — (any moment throughout the day when you can be appreciative of yourself: crossing something of the to do list, learning something new, helping others or yourself, etc.. any moments to give yourself credit for!)
Fill your beautiful self with the magic of your appreciation. Feel it on every level of your magical being, rising like a tide and flowing like a wave... 

You are enough just as you are. You need not do anything, for you are already the imperfectly perfect and you now have your magic potion, for your potion was your own magic all along…

Look at that, you are simply the perfect size to not only fit into your wonderland, but look at you dance right on in…


Thank you for joining me along another episode in Wonderland!

💖🦄💞Hugs, love, and sparkles! 💖🦄💞

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Author: shannonrose

I’m a girly girl who loves to dance, paint, draw, get into crazy yoga poses, dance some more, bake all things vegan, discover MAGIC, and then write about alllll my wonders! An adventure to spread magic calls to me, so I created my blog, Rosey’s Wonders, to remind everyone around the world that magic exists! You are SO BEAUTIFUL and super magical!

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